We provide IT with peace of mind.

iconSupportManaged IT Services

With our Managed IT Services, your technology infrastructure is managed, optimized and maintained by our staff so that your team can work towards growing your business. Our managed workstation application monitors your system and allows us take a proactive approach to solving potential problems before they become major issues.

TopBox provides remote and on-site expert technical support at the workstation level for all your team members. Plus, our local help desk team can answer IT questions and schedule on-site visits if needed. We leverage relationships with top retailers and manufacturers to purchase or upgrade equipment and software to expand your infrastructure and keep it running smoothly. Our Managed IT solution can enhance business operations and help you plan for IT in your budget without breaking the bank.

  • Monitor Your Systems to Minimize Major Issues
  • Increase Performance and Productivity
  • Local Help Desk Team
  • Stabilize Your IT budget
  • Purchase or Upgrade Equipment

iconMacPcPCs & MACs

We’ve been working on PCs and Macs long before it was trendy. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the the number of Apple products integrated into a business environment. It’s easy to find experts in one or the other, but we speak both languages and most importantly, we help them communicate with each other.

  • Experts in Both Platforms
  • Broad Range of Configuration Services
  • Integration of Mac Devices into a PC Environment

iconNetworkManagementNetwork Management

The world is connected to electronic devices more now than ever. Whether it be phones, workstations or mobile devices connecting to the cloud or to each other, they all connect through a network. Often taken for granted, networks are one of the most critical components in a business’ infrastructure to maintain, manage and properly plan. Our well planned, safe and smartly managed networks are prepared for the ever changing demands of your business.

  • Managed Router, Local Network Switch, Firewall
  • Lightning-fast Wired Network with Wireless Connection
  • Most Current and Robust Security Available

iconSystemMonitoringSystem Monitoring

Monitoring your systems allows us take a proactive approach to solving potential problems before they become major issues. Being proactive rather than reactive will prevent downtime and frustration, and helps increase your team’s productivity.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a call from your IT company rather than calling us after the problem has become a major issue? Sometimes, the issue will be resolved behind the scenes without any downtime.

  • Proactive Approach
  • Identify Potential Problems
  • Decrease Downtime


Does my business really need that? The funny thing about a backup is you don’t think about it until you need it and at that point it’s too late. So yes, every business should be prepared by backing up critical data to lessen downtime in case technology or natural disaster strikes. When it comes to planning a backup strategy, our motto is “Plan for the worst, hope for the best.”

We offer a range of backup and recovery solutions, from individual files to entire drives. With your data backed up, you can easily retrieve any and all lost data potentially saving your company time and money. Your backup solution can be monitored to ensure all your backups run and complete successfully. Having your files safely backed up can mean the difference between failure and success for small businesses. This is where it pays to be prepared.

  • Local and Cloud Backups
  • Automatic Failover
  • System Failure Notifications

iconStrategyConsultingStrategy & Consulting

Every business is unique. When you work with TopBox we tailor IT solutions based on your goals, business needs and budget. Our team will assess and identify the best hardware, software, and technology for your business’ unique needs, while planning for the growing needs of your business.

TopBox does more than just watch over your network, we help create the blueprints for your company’s ever expanding IT infrastructure.

  • Plan for the Future
  • Optimize Existing Systems that Can Compliment New Systems
  • Consider Security and Risk Management